Mr.Rain X1 Rainboots w/ Dry Sack Packaging DARK KNIGHT


For city goer’s desire against the gray, blurry backdrop of rain, there's the Mr.Rain X1 Rainboots. Inspired from street aesthetic, Mr.Rain X1 encapsulates ideas of ultimate protection for outdoor and carefree movement in urban. Fusing the core from street classic boots and quality of natural rubber, each pair is handmade to ensures exceptional comfort, high quality and strong foot support.

● Stylish in urban and functional for outdoor
● Fully waterproof yet breathable for any condition
● Handmade from recycled vulcanized rubber
● Exceptional comfort and proper fit
● Unisex style and sizes for both adults and youth

Material: natural rubber, 100% cotton lining
Style: ankle-covering
Coating: matte finish
Designed by Subtle

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Special Notes
Mr.Rain X1 Rainboots are NOT lace-up boots; the lace is just designed for aesthetic purpose. Please DO NOT pull the lace with excessive force otherwise the boots might get damaged.

From time to time, a white powdery “bloom” may appear on the boots. This is a common case since rubber is a natural and high quality garment and insoluble particles may rise to the surface. It will not affect the performance and durability of the garment. Regular care to the boots with rubber saver will restore the finish.

Care Instruction
Mr.Rain X1 Rainboots is an all weather product that might get constant exposure to elements like water, snow, mud, dirt, ultraviolet light, etc. We recommend conducting regular clean and care to the boots to extend its lifespan.

Stain. This is a frequently used accessary exposed to outer environment, it might get stains on the cover after long-time use. Regular wash will restore the garment status and quality.

Wash & Care. Gently clean the boots with cloth damped with soap water. Hand wash only and leave dry naturally. Keep it store in a cool, dry location away from UV exposure. We recommend to use rubber saver to care the boots regularly to maintain the rubber quality and finish.

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