Mr.Rain U1 Umbrella LAVA


When it rains, umbrella is not only a functional gear but become a fashion accessory of our outfits. Comes in strong colorways and pattern design on the interior, it perfects the style of umbrella craftsmanship through the use of luxury Pongee fabric, while filling with dedicated details such as beech wood handle, laser-etched label and fabric strap sewed up with words.

● Duo protection from rain and sun exposure
● UPF50+ ultraviolet protection
● DuPont™ Teflon® fabric coating technology
● Beech wood handle with laser etched label
● Duo layer of 190T pongee fabric
● Exquisite strap and packaged with dry sleeve

Material: 190T pongee fabric
Handle: natural beech wood
Diameter: 42 inches
Shaft: fiber glass and aluminum alloy
Designed by Subtle

Special Notes
The outer layer of pongee fabric can repel the rain leave not even one drop of water on the surface due to the DuPont™ Teflon® fabric coating technology. From time to time the coating may worn out and rain drops may stay on. This is normal case and the pongee fabric could still repel rain and water with great performance.

Care Instruction
Mr.Rain U1 Umbrella is an all weather accessory that might get constant exposure to elements like water, snow, rain and ultraviolet light. We recommend conducting regular care to the umbrella to extend its lifespan.

Care & Store. Even though the outer fabric of the umbrella is water repellent, keeping it fully opened and leaving dry is highly recommended before storing the umbrella into the dry sleeve. Keep it store in a cool, dry location.

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