Mr.Rain AWAY Raincoat CRIMSON


Designed to protect city goers from the extreme of nature and keep the wearer both dry and cool between seasons, Mr.Rain AWAY Raincoat is a new interpretation of street coat style. Handmade from polyester fabric with rubberized coating, it comes with double welded seams for full wind and waterproofing. As both a rain and windbreaker, this coat features a casual fit with stylish cuts, and a ready-to-go outerwear printed with inspiring “AWAY” on the back, implying infinite ventures during any weather.

● Wind and waterproof rubberized shell
● Ultrasonic double welded seam
● Adjustable hood with elastic drawstring
● Holes for air circulation to help ventilate
● Minimalist and functional silhouette
● Unisex casual fit

Material: rubberized coating in 100% polyurethane with 100% polyester backing
Style: unisex casual fit
Size: XS/S, M, L, XL
Designed by Subtle

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Special Notes
For eco-friendly purpose, the lining inside the coat remained unwashed thus leaving spots or dust on the inside of the coat. This is normal and just clean the coat the spots or dust will disappear.

Due to the packaging and wrapping of the coats, a brand new, unused Mr.Rain AWAY Raincoat might have some fold marks appear on the garment. Just letting your coat hang or wearing the coat in regular times, fold marks will disappear.

Care Instruction
Mr.Rain AWAY Raincoat is an all weather apparel made with rubberized coating, therefore the garment might get exposed to elements like water, snow, mud, ultraviolet light, etc. To extend its lifespan, regular clean and care to the raincoat is highly recommended.

Stain. Finest rubberized fabric might get stained by other garments especially leather. Be careful to things around when wearing or hanging the raincoat. Do NOT wear leather backpack with the raincoat. Never rub the stain as it can cause the stain to spread or force the stain deeper into the fabric. Rubbing can also cause abrasion damage to the fabric.

Wash. Check the washing instructions on the garment’s tag. Hand wash only. Max. 40℃, no bleach or softener, no centrifuge.

Dry. Hang dry or dry flat to reduce heat damage to the garment. Do NOT tumble dry.

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